Save Big on BLUETTI's Mega-Capacity Power Stations

2022-11-23 21:54:16 By : Ms. Joferina Huang

During the BLUETTI Black Friday Sales Event, save big on all manner of portable power solutions, from emergency home backup systems to charging stations for off-grid adventures.

Portable, reliable energy storage – whether for emergency home backup power, extended time off the grid or charging devices on the go – is essential in today's world. BLUETTI puts its decade-plus of experience in the industry to use in a wide array of indoor and outdoor green-energy power solutions. And if you're in the market for plenty of portable power at a fantastic price, the brand's Black Friday event is a must-shop. Module Power Supply

Save Big on BLUETTI's Mega-Capacity Power Stations

The extended BLUETTI Black Friday sales event runs from November 11th through November 29th at 11:59 PM PDT. It's your chance to take advantage of massive deals on BLUETTI's supreme lineup of totally portable, high-capacity power stations, from compact systems to larger-scale solutions. Each mega deal is explained below, where you're certain to find the exact power station to suit your taste and needs.

This event is about more than just huge discounts on the best power stations around. Customers who reach certain spending thresholds during this timeframe will be eligible for other high-dollar drawings and giveaways too.

After spending $1,000 during the Black Friday Sale on the BLUETTI site, customers are eligible for a "Lucky Draw" – a chance to win one of many prizes, including:

Additionally, customers who spend $5,000 will win a free mini fridge. And, most enticing to deal-hunters are Black Friday Limited Mystery Boxes. Available for purchase in any quantity, the Basic ($99), Pro ($199) and Premium ($999) Mystery Boxes may include any of the brand's portable generator solutions – what's inside is determined by luck.

First introduced on Indiegogo in September of 2022, this modular power station giant is a massive evolution from its predecessor and can be combined with up to six B300 or B300S expansion batteries for a total potential output of 18,432Wh. Its inverter can handle a continuous flow of 5,000W and surges up to 10,000W, meaning it will charge and power most high-demand appliances and devices without a hint of strain. The AC500 can be charged via wall outlet or solar panels, supporting 5,000W and 3,000W, respectively. Those inputs can be combined for lightning-fast recharging: when using both wall power and solar panels simultaneously (8,000W total), the AC500 and two BC300S batteries will reach 80 percent capacity in under one hour.

The AC300 features a 3,000W inverter and 16 outlets. The modular power station easily pairs with multiple expansion batteries to provide the ultimate power station for home backup or glamping glory. When combined with a maximum of four B300 expansion batteries, its total output is a wild 12,288Wh. Especially as an emergency power solution, this combo is hard to beat. BLUETTI explains that this setup "can run a 700W fridge for 3.7 hours and a 500W washer for 5.2 hours." That's more than enough to keep life moving when everything else has come to a standstill.

The AC200MAX is a compact power solution with a big name – and performance to back it up. The small station can be controlled remotely via the BLUETTI app, which also tracks consumption and battery status, and its 16 outlets can handle charging all your necessary devices and then some. It comes with a 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery and 2,200W inverter and is compatible with both B300 and B230 expansion batteries; combined with two B230s, total max capacity is 6,144Wh.

Featuring a 4,800W peak capacity and 17 charging outlets, the AC200P houses a 2,000Wh LiFePO4 battery and 2,000W AC inverter in a sleek package. Especially excellent for outdoor and camping use, the AC200P can be paired with B230 or B300 expansion batteries and solar panel setups. The extra-portable power station charges particularly fast when utilizing its 1,100W AC+Solar dual charging mode.

You could consider the EP500 and EP500Pro the grandaddies of BLUETTI's lineup – certainly, they're the star of this sales event. During the event, score an EP500Pro for $1,200 off its original price. These stations are larger due to their extreme 5,100Wh capacity, but smooth rolling wheels make relocating your power station a breeze both indoors and out. Delivering 2,000W and 3,000W, respectively, the EP500 and EP500Pro "can power 90% of common devices" thanks to their 240V/4000W split phase system. Crucially, both utilize BLUETTI's UPS function to seamlessly, instantly power your home in the case of an outage.

Comprising the EB3A, EB55, and EB70S models, the compact EB series is purpose-built for endless camping and outdoor adventures. Each has its own suite of features that appeal to different enthusiasts with specific needs, but all the EB models share fundamental qualities. Even after 2,500 power/charge cycles, EB batteries will maintain 80 percent capacity. The EB Series inverter provides Pure Sine Wave power to protect sensitive devices while charging, and the MPPT controller can handle up to 200W of solar energy input. On top is a 15W wireless charging pad, and a built-in flashlight comes in handy for midnight sojourns.

The latest in the BLUETTI lineup is made to handle 600W of power and surges of up to 1,200W. Its built-in handle and mere 10-pound weight make it truly portable for any pursuit. Featuring a 430W AC+ Solar Dual Charging function, the EB3A can fully charge in under two hours – guaranteeing you'll never be stranded outdoors without power. The EB3A can also be operated and managed via BLUETTI's mobile app.

With a peak output of 1,400W and general output of 700W AC power, the EB55's 13 output options will power almost any need. Thanks to a large, 537Wh capacity, it can charge a 10Wh phone 45+ times without needing to top up. The EB55 can also support 400W of solar charging, fully loading its battery in a maximum of 2.3 hours – a whole hour faster than standard AC input.

Able to simultaneously power 12 devices, the EB70S can handle both AC and DC needs. Its small size belies huge potential: BLUETTI says the EB70S can "run a 75W television and a 90W mini fridge for over 8 or 6.5 hours."

Save Big on BLUETTI's Mega-Capacity Power Stations

Portable Solar Energy Controller Made from 23.4-percent-efficiency monocrystalline cells, BLUETTI's PV120 ($299), PV200 ($499) and PV350 ($849) solar panels are ETFE coated and utilize an IP65 junction box for time-tested durability. The foldable panels are entirely portable and come in a variety of size and capacity options, enabling users to tailor their setup to any need, large or small.